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STARs Track

ST1: A Survey of Urban Reconstruction

Tuesday, May 15th, 9:00-10:40 in Room B

  • P. Musialski (Vienna University of Technology and Arizona State University), P. Wonka (Arizona State University and KAUST), D. G. Aliaga (Purdue University), M. Wimmer (Vienna University of Technology), L. Van Gool (ETH Zurich and KU Leuven), W. Purgathofer (Vienna University of Technology)

ST2: Symmetry in 3D Geometry Extraction and Applications

Tuesday, May 15th, 14:00-15:40 in Room B

  • N. Mitra (UCL), M. Pauly (EPFL), M. Wand (MPI Informatik), D. Ceylan (EPFL)

ST3: Interactive Volume Rendering with Volumetric Illumination

Wednesday, May 16th, 9:00-10:40 in Room B

  • E. Sundén (Linköping University), D. Jönsson (Linköping University), T. Ropinski (Linköping University)

ST4: Illustrative Flow Visualization: State of the Art, Trends and Challenges

Wednesday, May 16th, 11:00-12:40 in Room B

  • A. Brambilla (University of Bergen), R. Carnecky (ETH Zurich), R. Peikert (ETH Zurich), I. Viola (University of Bergen), H. Hauser (University of Bergen)

ST5: Interactive Simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics in Computer Graphics

Thursday, May 16th, 9:00-10:40 in Room B

  • J. Bender (TU Darmstadt), K. Erleben (University of Copenhagen), J. Trinkle (Renssealer Polytechnic Institute), E. Coumans (AMD)

ST6: Perceptual Metrics for Static and Dynamic Triangle Meshes

Thursday, May 16th, 11:00-12:40 in Room B

  • M. Corsini (ISTI-CNR), M. C. Larabi (XLIM-SIC lab), G. Lavoué (University of Lyon), O. PetÅ™ík (University of West Bohemia), L. Váša (University of West Bohemia), K. Wang (Gipsa-lab)

ST7: Quad Meshing

Thursday, May 17th, 14:00-15:40 in Room B

  • D. Bommes (RWTH Aachen University), B. Lévy (INRIA), N. Pietroni (ISTI-CNR), E. Puppo (University of Genoa), C. Silva (New York University), M. Tarini (University of Insubria), D. Zorin (New York University)

ST8: Facial Rigging

Friday, May 18th, 9:00-10:40 in Room B

  • P. Bastos (Universidade do Porto), X. Alvarez (Universidade do Porto), V. Orvalho (Universidade do Porto)