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Education Track

ED1: Visualization Curriculum Panel – or: The Changes We Have Made to Our Visualization Courses Over the Last 10 Years

Thursday, May 17th, 11:00-12:00 in Room C

Panelists: G. Domik (University of Paderborn), D. Ebert (Purdue University), J. Kohlhammer(Fraunhofer IGD), H. Rushmeier, (Yale University), B. Sousa Santos (University of Aveiro), D. Weiskopf (Universitaet Stuttgart).

ED2: Augmented Reality in education

Thursday, May 17th, 12:00-12:40 in Room C

Session chair: G. Domik

  • Adaptation of Electrical Laboratory Systems though Augmented Reality for Optimization of Engineering Teaching University. J. Martin-Gutierrez (Universidad de La Laguna), B. Peña Fabiani (Universidad de La Laguna), M. D. Meneses Fernandez (Universidad de La Laguna), L. Abselan (Universidad de La Laguna), D. C. Pérez-López (Inter-University Research Institute for Bioengineering and Human Oriented Technology (UPV)).

  • Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Enhanced Tabletop System as a Collaborative Learning Tool: A Case Study on Mathematics at the Primary School. G. Salvador (ESET, Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain), D. Pérez (i3BH), M. Ortega (i3BH), E. Soto(i3BH), M. Alcañiz (i3BH), M. Contero (i3BH)

ED3: Computer Graphics in inter-disciplinary education

Thursday, May 17th, 14:00-15:40 in Room C

Session chair: Giovanni Gallo

  • Evaluation of a Curriculum for Technical Artists. V. Sundstedt (Blekinge Institute of Technology), M. Lanner (Blekinge Institute of Technology)

  • Teaching 3D acquisition for Cultural Heritage: a theory and practice approach. M. Dellepiane (Visual Computing Lab, ISTI-CNR, Pisa, Italy), R. Scopigno(CNR-ISTI)

  • Building a Serious Game to Teach Secure Coding in Introductory Programming Courses. N. Adamo-Villani (Purdue University), M. Oania (Purdue University), J. Brown (Purdue University), D. Whittinghill (Purdue University), S. Cooper (Stanford University)

  • Next Generation Handheld Graphics Edutainment for Learning in an Adaptive Student Centric Environment: Constraints and Benefits. I. Cheng (University of Alberta), O. Bilash (Department of Education, University of Alberta), W. F. Bischof (Computing Science Department, University of Alberta), A. Basu (Computing Science, University of Alberta)

ED4: Computer Graphics Education

Thursday, May 17th, 16:00-17:40 in Room C

Session chair: Beatriz Sousa-Santos

  • TECHNI Photons: Evolution of a Course in Data Structures. A. Duchowski (Clemson University)

  • Evaluation of Students’ Skills in Remote Collaboration for Creative Problem Solving in Computer Graphics. T. McLaughlin (Texas A&M University), S. Keske (Texas A&M University)

  • Distance Learning in Computer Graphics. M. Fairen (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), A. Chica (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), N. Pelechano (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

  • Teaching a modern graphics pipeline using a shader-based software renderer. H. Fink (Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms), T. Weber (Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms), M. Wimmer (Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms)