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Posters Track

Posters will be presented during the Welcome Reception on Tuesday, May 15th, 19:00-21:00

The accepted posters are the following:

  • Revision Control Framework for 3D Assets. J. Doboš (UCL), A. Steed (UCL).

  • Combining Texture Streaming and Run-Time Generation. A. Demeulemeester (Ghent University), C.-F. Hollemeersch (Ghent University), B. Pieters (Ghent University), P. Lambert (Ghent University), R. Van de Walle (Ghent University)

  • Virtual Architecture in the Free Space. P. Clini (Polytechnic University of Marche), R. Quattrini (Polytechnic University of Marche), R. Nespeca (Polytechnic University of Marche).

  • Interactive Insertion of Virtual Objects in Photos and Videos. R. Nóbrega (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), N. Correia (Universidade Nova de Lisboa).

  • A Pipeline for Procedural Modelling from Geospatial Data. D. Jesus (DEI/FEUP), A. Coelho (DEI/FEUP), C. Rebelo (DEI/FEUP), A. Cardoso (DEI/FEUP), A. A. Sousa (DEI/FEUP)

  • A New Approach to Cultural Heritage Information Systems. F. Soler (University of Granada), J. C. Torres (University of Granada), P. Cano (University of Granada), A. León (University of Granada).

  • On User-Interaction in 3D Reconstruction. D. C. Schneider (Fraunhofer HHI), P. Eisert (Fraunhofer HHI).

  • Exploration of 3D Spectroscopy Data. C. Romo(University of Granada), J. C. Torres (University of Granada), A. J. León (University of Granada).

  • Efficient Point Based Global Illumination on GPU. B. Wang (Shandong University), Z. Xu (Shandong University), Y. Xu (Shandong University), X. Meng (Shandong University).

  • Automatic Alignment of Shape Collections. M. Averkiou (UCL) , N. Mitra (UCL).

  • Digital Archiving of Large 3D Woven Cultural Artifacts. W. Wakita (Ritsumeikan University), H. T. Tanaka (Ritsumeikan University).

  • Meshless Statistical Occlusion Computation. F. Fouquet (LIRIS), J.-P. Farrugia (LIRIS), J.-C. Iehl (LIRIS), J. Dupuy (LIRIS).

  • Minimising Longest Edge for Closed Surface Construction from Unorganised 3D Point Sets. S. Ohrhallinger (Concordia University), S. Mudur (Concordia University).

  • Multi-user Immersive 3D Reconstruction Environment. D. Sedlacek (CTU), Z. Travnicek (CTU), J. Zara (CTU).

  • GPU Texture Level of Abstraction in 3D Scenes. J. Suarez (LIASD, Université Paris 8), F. Belhadj (LIASD, Université Paris 8), V. Boyer (LIASD, Université Paris 8).

  • Multiview-Consistent Color Sampling for Alpha Matting. M. Kettern (Fraunhofer HHI), P. Eisert (Fraunhofer HHI).

  • Combining Structure from Motion and Photometric Stereo: A Piecewise Formulation. R. Sabzevari (IIT), A. Del Bue (IIT), V. Murino (IIT).

  • Joint Interactive Visualization of 3D Models and Pictures in Walkable Scenes. P. Brivio (IST-CNR), M. Tarini (Università dell'Insubria & ISTI-CNR), P. Cignoni (ISTI-CNR), R. Scopigno (ISTI-CNR).

  • Consistent Media Model for Real-Time Scene Rendering. F. Belhadj (LIASD, Université Paris 8), J. Suarez (LIASD, Université Paris 8), V. Boyer (LIASD, Université Paris 8).

  • Realtime 3D Sensor Based Air Flow Reconstruction. M. Van Dyck (University of Antwerpen), H. Peremans (University of Antwerpen).