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CGF Articles Track

CGF1: Mesh Processing

Tuesday, May 15th, 9:20-10:40 in Room A

Session chair: Niloy Mitra, University College London, UK

  • Compact Models. N. Coll (Universitat de Girona ), T. Paradinas (Universitat de Girona )

  • Learning boundary edges for 3D-mesh segmentation. H. Benhabiles (LIFL), G. Lavoué (CNRS), J.-P. Vandeborre (LIFL and TELECOM Lille), M. Daoudi (LIFL and TELECOM Lille)

  • Fast Mean-Curvature Flow via Finite-Elements Tracking. M. Chuang (Johns Hopkins University), M. Kazhdan (Johns Hopkins University)

CGF2: Images and Textures

Tuesday, May 15th, 11:00-12:20 in Room A

Session chair: Dieter Schmalstieg, Graz University of Technology, Austria

  • A New QEM for Parameterization of Raster Images. X. Yin (Arizona State University), J. Femiani (Arizona State University), P. Wonka (Arizona State University), A. Razdan (Arizona State University)

  • On Neighborhood Matching for Texture-by-Numbers. E. Sivaks (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), D. Lischinski (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

  • A Low-Memory, Straightforward and Fast Bilateral Filter Through Subsampling in Spatial Domain. F. Banterle (ISTI-CNR), M. Corsini (ISTI-CNR), P. Cignoni (ISTI-CNR), R. Scopigno (ISTI-CNR)

CGF3: Light Fields and Reflectance

Thursday, May 17th, 9:20-10:40 in Room A

Session chair: Philipp Slusallek, Saarland University, Germany

  • Adaptive Records for Irradiance Caching. M. Ribardière (IRISA), S. Carré (IRISA), K. Bouatouch (IRISA)

  • A General BRDF Representation Based on Tensor Decomposition. A. Bilgili (Ege University), A. Öztürk (Yasar University), M. Kurt (Ege University)

  • Efficient Depth of Field Rasterization using a Tile Test based on Half-Space Culling. T. Akenine-Möller (Lund University/Intel), R. Toth (Intel), J. Munkberg (Intel), J. Hasselgren (Intel)

CGF4: Animation And Procedural Effects

Friday, May 18th, 9:20-10:40 in Room A

Session chair: Bruno Levy, INRIA, France

  • Finding Syntactic Structures from Human Motion Data. J. P. Park (Seoul National University), K. H. Lee (Kwangwoon University), J. Lee (Seoul National University)

  • Hierarchical Deformation of Locally Rigid Meshes. J. Manson (Texas A&M University), S. Schaefer (Texas A&M University)

  • Diffusion-Based Snow Cover Generation. N. V. Festenberg (TU Dresden), S. Gumhold (TU Dresden)