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Short Papers Track

SP1: Rendering and Lighting

Tuesday, May 15th, 11:00-12:40 in Room C

Session chair: Pere Pau Vazquez, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

  • Skeleton based importance sampling for path tracing. V. Biri (University Paris Est) , J. Chaussard (University Paris Est)

  • Forward+: Bringing Deferred Lighting to the Next Level. T. Harada (AMD), J. McKee (AMD), J.Yang (AMD)

  • Reflective Shadow Map Clustering for Real-Time Global Illumination. R. Prutkin (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ), A. Kaplanyan (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ), C. Dachsbacher (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology )

  • Hybrid CPU/GPU KD-Tree Construction for Versatile Ray Tracing. J.-P. Roccia (IRIT – University of Toulouse ), Christophe Coustet (HPC-SA ), M. Paulin (IRIT – University of Toulouse )

  • Perceptually Based Afterimage Synthesis. M. Mikamo (Hiroshima University) , M. Slomp (Hiroshima University), R. Bisser (Hiroshima University), T. Tamaki (Hiroshima University), K. Kaneda (Hiroshima University)

SP2: Modeling and Reconstruction

Tuesday, May 15th, 14:00-15:40 in Room C

Session chair: Matteo Dellepiane, ISTI CNR

  • Robust Outlier Removal from Point Clouds Acquired with Structured Light. J. Köhler (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence ), T. Nöll (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence ), G. Reis (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence ), D. Stricker (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence )

  • Automatic multi-view surface matching. U. Castellani (University of Verona), S. Fantoni (University of Verona), A. Fusiello (University of Verona)

  • Growing Cell Structures Learning a Progressive Mesh During Surface Reconstruction. T. Vierjahn ([rmh] new medi a), G. Lorenz ([rmh] new medi a), S. Mostafawy ([rmh] new medi a), K. Hinrichs (University of Muenster)

  • Shape Reconstruction from Raw Point Clouds using Depth Carving. F. Guggeri (University of Cagliari), R. Scateni (University of Cagliari), R. Pajarola (University of Zurich)

  • Variation-Factored Encoding of Facade Images. S. Alsisan (UCL), N. Mitra (UCL)

  • Efficient Evaluation of Semi-Smooth Creases in Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces. M. Niessner (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) , C. Loop (Microsoft Research) , G. Greiner (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

SP3: Procedural Techniques and Flow

Tuesday, May 15th, 16:00-17:40 in Room C

Session chair: Gustavo Patow, University of Girona

  • Scented Sliders for Procedural Textures. A. Lasram (INRIA) , S. Lefebvre (REVES / INRIA Sophia-Antipolis) , C. Damez (Allegorithmic)

  • Geometric Details on Skeleton-based Implicit Surfaces. C. Zanni (University of Grenoble / INRIA), P. Bares (University of Grenoble / INRIA), A. Lagae (KU Leuven), M. Quiblier (Univeersity of Grenoble / INRIA), M.-P. Cani (University of Grenoble / INRIA)

  • Example-based Road Network Synthesis. Q. Yu (UCL), A. Steed (UCL)

  • Steady State Stokes Flow Interpolation for Fluid Control. H. Bhattacharya (Weta Digital / University of Utah), M. Nielsen (Weta Digital / Aarhus University ), R. Bridson (Weta Digital / University of British Columbia)

  • FTLE computation beyond first order approximation. M. Üffinger (University of Stuttgart), F. Sadlo (University of Stuttgart), C. Hansen (University of Utah) , M. Kirby (University of Utah), T. Ertl (University of Stuttgart)

SP4: Deformation and Animation

Thursday, May 17th, 09:00-10:40 in Room C

Session chair: Miguel A. Otaduy, UJRC Madrid

  • Solid-state Culled Discrete Element Granular Systems. S. Holladay (Fraunhofer HHI), P. Egbert (Fraunhofer HHI)

  • Image-based Animation of Clothes. A. Hilsmann (Humboldt University of Berlin / Fraunhofer HHI), Peter Eisert (Humboldt University of Berlin / Fraunhofer HHI)

  • Improved Obstacle Relevancy, Distance, and Angle for Crowds Constrained to Arbitrary Manifolds in 3D Space. Brian Ricks (Brigham Young University) , Parris Egbert (Brigham Young University)

  • Fast Response and Quick Progressive Transitions using Body Part Motion Graphs. A. Fernández-Baena (La Salle - URL), D. Miralles (La Salle - URL)

  • Automatic Line Handles for Freeform Deformation. L. Schemali (Telecom ParisTech – CNRS / Useful Progress) , J.-M. Thiery (Telecom-ParisTech - CNRS) , T. Boubekeur (Telecom-ParisTech - CNRS)

  • GPU based ARAP Deformation using Volumetric Lattices. M. Zollhöfer (University Erlangen-Nuremberg), E. Sert (University Erlangen-Nuremberg), G. Greiner (University Erlangen-Nuremberg), J. Süßmuth (University Erlangen-Nuremberg)

SP5: Rendering and Rasterization

Friday, May 18th, 09:00-10:40 in Room C

Session chair: Sylvain Lefebvre, INRIA

  • Physically-Based Depth of Field in Augmented Reality. P. Kán (TU Vienna) , H. Kaufmann (TU Vienna)

  • Real-Time Metaball Ray Casting with Fragment Lists. L. Szécsi (TU Budapest) , D. Illés (TU Budapest)

  • Incoherent Ray Tracing without Acceleration Structures. A. Áfra (TU Budapest)

  • S-buffer: Sparsity-aware Multi-Fragment Rendering. A. Vasilakis (University of Ioannina) , I. Fudos (University of Ioannina)

  • Hyperplane Culling for Stochastic Rasterization. J. Munkberg (Intel Corporation), T. Akenine-Möller (Lund University)