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Eurographics 2012, the 33rd Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics, took place from May 13th to May 18th in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. It is organized by CRS4 Visual Computing and University of Cagliari. Eurographics 2012 provided a unique platform for the computer graphics community to showcase latest techniques and educational work, and to explore new trends and ideas.

EUROGRAPHICS 2012 was a great success. We thank all attendees and
all the people that contributed to the organization!

The next annual event will be held in Girona, Spain

See for details!

The event took place at the Cagliari Convention Center. The 2012 program has been bigger than ever! May 13th-14th were dedicated to co-located events, while the main conference opened on Monday, May 14th and closed on Friday, May 18th. For the first time, the tutorial program on Monday was included in the conference registration and the conference opening with the awards session followed by the paper fast forward started on Monday, May 14th at 17:00.

Co-located events

A number of events were co-located with Eurographics 2012. Click on the icons to access event descriptions.

The scientific events EGPGV 2012 (May 13th-14th) and 3DOR 2012 (May 13th) is co-located with Eurographics 2012.

These events took place at T-Hotel, Via dei Giudicati 66, Cagliari

One to one meetings organized by Sardegna Ricerche (partner of Enterprise Europe Network) took place on May 16th-17th. The meetings aim to facilitate collaboration opportunities between industry and academia in the field of Computer Graphics and related applications.

This event took place in the foyer of the Cagliari convention center.

Travel and accommodation

City of CagliariCagliari is an ideal place for Eurographics 2012. About 400'000 people live in Cagliari's metropolitan area. The city, with a wide offering of hotels and B&Bs, is well connected to the rest of Europe through regular and low-cost airlines. Its modern international airport, serving more than 3 million passengers/year, is conveniently located at only 15 minutes from downtown and the conference center. The main italian hubs of Rome and Milan are a one-hour flight  from Cagliari (more information is provided on our travel pages). The mild climate of the region and the vicinity of beaches with white sands and crystal clear sea are a huge bonus for Eurographics 2012 participants (see our Cagliari and surroundings pages)!